A comprehensive and an unbiased review of x videos

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Xvideos is a renowned porn site that has been in the industry since 1997. This massive and antique tube website is famous for featuring the highest number of porn as well as adult videos online. The website is also renowned for offering high-speed porn videos under thousands of categories. Every visitor of the site can have a better user experience by browsing each page of the site easily and quickly. However, each porn page of the site includes six to seven banners and with a single pop up. Users can easily resolve this problem by adding an ad blocker or a pop-up blocker to their browser.

Features of xvideos

woman on bedWith a plethora of notable features to offer an interesting browsing experience to its visitors. This makes the site earn millions of visitors daily from worldwide countries, particularly from the United States. Some of the remarkable features of the porn site includes:

The site features a light, simple design, meaning it can load the pages very quickly, usually within 1.23 seconds.

It is a multilingual site, which means that it features porn videos in 17 worldwide languages. Therefore, visitors can take pleasure in watching their favorite porn videos in their native language from any part of the world. The site also features a language translation menu. This allows users to choose their native language to enjoy their favorite videos.

The adult site also comes with a variety of interesting features. Using these features, users can download their favorite videos easily and quickly.

Creating an account with Xvideos is really a breeze. Users can comment on the videos in a dedicated box, as well.

The site earns 47 as the worldwide rank, with 17.1 million users visiting the site daily.

The porn site gets the maximum traffic from the United States per day. It gets 19.2% of the total worldwide traffic from the United States. This makes it the thirty-sixth highest visiting porn site
in the country. Next to the United States, the adult site gets 10.1% traffic from India.

When considering the sharing of traffic of subdomains of the site, Img-hw.xvideos.com, which is its famous subdomain, gets 0.18% of the total traffic.

All these unique and remarkable features offer Xvideos.com an excellent user rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0 stars.

Pros of the porn site

  • Huge amounts of porn videos.
  • Designed with 17 international languages.
  • Fast streaming of porn videos.
  • Real Amateur collection.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Quick page-loading porn site.
  • Worldwide Porn site.

Cons of the adult site

  • Each page includes a number of banner advertisements.
  • Pop-up on porn video page.

Xvideos earns a higher page rank in the Search Engine Result Pages of Google. This is because of its remarkable features as well as a huge number of positive reviews from the users, which is about 62%. Xvideos.com is the only adult site that carries the maximum positive reviews from the users. Furthermore, when considering the safety status of the porn site, the Google Safe Browsing reports that Xvideos.com is safe to use.

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Final thoughts

Xvideos is fairly an admired resource for watching porn videos in a safe way. The popularity of the site is on the increasing level because of its features. It is one among the most reliable porn sites, which is designed exclusively for global adults. It is a legitimate site for adults, but it is not a safe site for kids.