Advantages of Having a Customized Sex Doll

Sex Doll

In almost all surveys conducted, the percentage of men masturbating is uniformly high. In one survey, about 91% of males masturbate. The good news is that there is no such thing as masturbator’s elbow, unlike when regularly playing tennis and golf, that you can develop tennis or golfer’s elbow. Should there be a masturbator’s elbow, most men must be wearing long sleeves.

In one survey, it shows that 80% of males admitted that sex toys are useful. The study was not particular on the type of sex toy used. With the different types of male masturbators, a sex doll must have the least chances of letting you develop a defect on the hand and elbows. When using your hand or male masturbators like fleshlight, the stress is concentrated on the hands, wrist, and elbows when a man masturbates. One study also shows that masturbation has no health benefits whatsoever. But with a sex doll, the sex act mimics the actual sex with a real woman; therefore, a new study should be made on this matter.

Anyhow, these are the advantages of having a sex doll instead of using your own hands or other male masturbators out there.

Sex DollIt Resembles the Real Thing

By having your sex doll customized, you can have a say on every aspect of your doll. Do you want a tighter vagina and bigger boobs? Do you go for Caucasian-looking dolls or colored ethnic girls? You can also have dolls with pubic hairs or toys that have functional anus or mouth. That means you can do a lot of things as you can do with a real girl. Just make sure that your doll has movable joints so you can do almost all positions that you desire.

It Does Not Complain

Real girls get tired, and so they complain when you do it often. They also have their moods. Forcing them into a sex act may lead to arguments. With a sex doll, you will never hear her complain even if you use it as often as you want. You can only listen to her moan with every pound you make. Just be careful not to break her leg, or else it would seem like you are doing it with a lame duck in your next performance.

Sex DollYou Can Replace Her Face

Are you tired of that same face that you always see every time you are in bed with your sex kitten? You have two options. You can remove the head and leave it as is or change it with another head with a different face. Indeed, you can create your dream girl when you go for customized sex dolls.

Indeed, you will never run of options on how you can derive the best gratification out of a sex doll. You just need to be creative.