Hygiene Tips to Make Oral Sex More Enjoyable

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Going down on your spouse fires up the sensation during a make out. But if you are a first-timer for taking the role of either the doer or the receiver, big chances are that the situation can get awkward, especially if you are not equipped with the basic knowledge of sex.

The reality you face might be different from your expectation. The special scent of the genital is heavily affected by the personal hygiene. And if your spouse is a low maintenance person, then there is a high risk that you will find his/her private part not looked after, which might ruin your fiery interest and changed the way you look at spouse forever.

Nevertheless, whether you are a newbie or a veteran, oral sex is a very intimate activity that can be either addictive or traumatic. Both sides of the doer should seriously allocate their time and efforts to bring the most enjoyment from oral sex.

Below is the guide for you to make the oral sex free from pungent odor and health risks, and thus bringing more fun to the bed.

Knowing the basics

Personal Care bottlesFemale’s genital is prone to yeast infection, which is the main culprit of unpleasant vaginal odor. The infection can be the result of poor personal hygiene or poor immunity system.

Once you or your spouse notices that there is an unusual smell coming from the vagina, do not make a reaction that can be embarrassing. Tell the problem directly but gently, and encourage her to go to see professional.

Always avoid self-diagnosing and experimentation. The pH of female genital should neither surpass nor fall a certain limit. It is a sensitive organ that can get altered severely with careless and unprofessional treatment.

Also, bear in mind that women are normally reluctant to discuss private thing (related with their private parts) with their lover, and you should be aware of it. Always keep such conversation closed, and avoid sharing the story with your friends or relatives, even to the closest ones for you.

Normally, the urge to share a health issue story is because the person wants other people to know what to do in his/her situation, and it is not an entirely bad idea. But such an action should be done with the agreement of the discussed woman.

Like female’s genital, male’s might also emit an unpleasant odor. But to take care of a penis is much easier than to take care of a vagina. Male’s penis can be cleaned with regular soap without getting any risk of pH-related health issues and is not as susceptible to infection as a vagina.

Take care of your oral hygiene

Oral HygieneThe responsibility to keep the oral sex fun does not only fall to the receiver of oral sex. Human’s oral cavity is the place of many microorganisms. Some of them are harmless while some others are not. Therefore mouth hygiene is essential to enjoying oral sex.

For both female and male who are sexually active and enjoy having oral sex, regular oral medical care is a must. Visit a quality dental care at least once in six months. You can schedule it with your spouse and treat it as a romantic routine. It is the real action that shows how much you care about each other.

The importance of trimming

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Trimming your private areas turns out to be more than a cosmetic necessity. In fact, pubic lice are now close to extinction because of our habit of trimming and shaving the private hair. Also, genital discharge can get trapped in the pubic hair, which later may attract parasitic organisms. This infestation will surely harm anyone who is giving the oral pleasure.


In brief, oral sex can be fun to both male and female. And both should bear the responsibility for keeping the oral and genital hygiene. A healthy body is the key to a heavenly sex.